How does Chiropractic Affect Headaches

For many years it has been said that the DC after a Doctor of Chiropractic’s name also stands for “Doctor of Cause”—chiropractors correct the cause of a patient’s health problems, rather than give pain killers and other drugs which only treat the symptoms.  A team of surgeons may have found one of the answers as to why chiropractic works so well.  The discovered a small neck muscle that connects to brain membranes. When the neck is out of alignment the muscle can actually pull on the brain! As the lead surgeon writes:

‘An increasing body of literature relates headaches to pathology affecting the cervical spine and a number of clinical trials have demonstrated that chiropractic…is valuable for managing headaches.

Not A Headache Therapy

Anyone suffering from headaches (or any other condition) should make sure their spine is free from the vertebral subluxation complex —for the health of their whole body, not just certain parts.

Ted Koran D.C.

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