Pregnancy and stress on the lower back

by Jeff Cline

The ability of a human female to give birth to a new life is still one of the miracles in the world. This miracle happens frequently around us daily and because of its frequency we sometime forget the wonderfulness of it or the tremendous effort it requires of the mother.

The process of the pregnancy takes nine months of hormonal and body changes to reach the final birth stage.

During this period of time one of the parts of the mother’s body which comes under tremendous strain is her spine. This process requires the addition of 20-30 pounds, and this weight is centered in the lower part of the body and in front of the spine.

As the weight increases with the growth of the fetus, you can see how this would pull on the spine, surrounding ligaments and muscle.

The softening of the pelvic ligaments allows the stretching to occur between the bones at birth.

This softening of the ligaments coupled with the extra weight can cause a lot of lower back pain and even nerve irritation down the legs.

The low back pain of pregnancy can be helped by chiropractic care. There are special techniques used for pregnant women that are effective in helping relieve low back pain.

I believe the experience of pregnancy should be enjoyed and relief from back pain can add a lot to making it a pleasant experience.

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